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Many Indian tribes call turquoise the "sky stone" because of its sky blue color. The word turquoise means "Turkish stone" because it was brought to Europe through Turkey; and, for thousands of years, turquoise has been venerated by many cultures.

Turquoise was found in the Sinai area of Egypt; however, by 2,000 B.C., the demand for turquoise had already depleted that deposit and other sources for this beautiful stone were sought.

People living in the Empire of Persia also revered turquoise from an early period and used it to decorate themselves as well as their weapons, horses, and other possessions. This practice is probably the origin of the Persian belief that, if a horse and rider are wearing turquoise, neither of them will be harmed should they fall.

While Pliny the Elder did not seem to differentiate turquoise from any other blue stones, Sir John Mandeville in his fourteenth century work, "Lapidaire," expanded the protection powers of turquoise to include guarding the horse from illness when drinking cold water after being overheated by exertion.

Other writers would go even further concerning the protective powers of turquoise, claiming that it would protect its wearer even from a fall from a building. Presumably, this protection was only for the man--the horse was not included.

Turquoise should be received as a gift if its powers are to be effective. In addition to being used as a protective stone, some cultures credit it with being able to ward off the "evil eye."

Since turquoise occurs in both blue and green colors, it is not surprising that blue is considered a male stone, while green is thought to be female.

While gem grade turquoise is quite rare and valuable, it also is found in many grades and shades of color. Almost every turquoise mine produces a stone that is unique to that mine. As a result, you can find a wide range of turquoise, types and grades. This gives the buyer the advantage of being able to select turquoise that not only suits their taste but also their pocketbook.

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