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For the person who likes variety, topaz may be the ideal gem. Its subtle beauty is unsurpassed and its wide range of colors offers a pleasing choice to almost anyone.

Topaz was certainly used in ancient days. The very name topaz comes from Topazas, an island in the Red Sea that is now called Zabargad. It was believed that topaz came from that island. That was only a theory, because Topazas has never been known to produce even a single topaz, although peridot has been mined there for more than five thousand years.

Some of the "topaz" found on today's market is, in reality, citrine and sometimes "smoky topaz", which is actually smoky quartz. True topaz is defined as "precious" topaz.

While the range of colors for topaz is quite varied, going from clear through yellow, brown, blue and even bright red, the most desired is usually the champagne to golden yellow which is also the most expensive. Blue topaz is also becoming more popular.

Topaz is also one of those gems which is found in large sizes. Gem quality topazes have been found weighing over one hundred pounds, so large flashy jewelry is certainly possible with this gem.

Topaz has been used for thousands of years - from the ancient Egyptians to the Saxons. Ancient Celts also used topaz and attributed mystic powers to it. Although its mystic powers are seldom considered today, topaz is still appreciated for what it is - a rare, precious and beautiful gem.

Description of Topaz Qualities That We Sell

High quality: Champagne to golden yellow color. Very fine cutting and lively. Eye clean to very slight inclusions.
Medium quality: Golden yellow with more brown overtones or "washed out" look. Can be well cut but the better the color the poorer the cut.

Please check here for a note about colored gemstone qualities.

Topaz Properties

Birthstone: November
Hardness: 8
Toughness: Fair to poor
Specific Gravity: 3.55 (+/- .02)
Refractive Index: 1.610 to 1.638 (dbl)
Main sources: Brazil and Sri Lanka
Treatment: Heat, color may fade slightly in direct light
Reaction to heat: Poor, color change may occur.

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