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Smoky Quartz

Much of the earth is made up of quartz. It is to be found almost everywhere and the various members of the quartz family make up many of our most beautiful and precious gems. One of the best known of these is smoky quartz.

Once known as smoky topaz because it was believed that it would sell more quickly than were it called quartz, this terminology has changed among ethical jewelers.

From earliest times, the quartzes, including smoky quartz, have been used for tools, ornaments and magic.

In ancient Europe, smoky quartz was called cairngorm after the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland where it was found. Smoky quartz was also found in the Swiss Alps. Interestingly, the color variations are supposed to be related to the altitude in which the deposits are found. This color can range from a light brown all the way to black.

The ancient Scots and other Celts knew of smoky quartz and made use of it. Some of the beautiful Celtic brooches feature smoky quartz within their settings. Though the Cairngorm Mountains have long since exhausted their supply of smoky quartz, it is still found in the Swiss Alps as well as Brazil, Japan and the United States.

The darker crystals are still called "cairngorm" or "morion", though their color is sometimes enhanced artificially.

Today, smoky quartz still holds a place of honor among gems.

Description of Smokey Quartz Qualities That We Sell

We sell only high quality smokey quartz.

Please check here for a note about colored gemstone qualities.

Smokey Quartz Properties

Hardness: 7
Toughness: Good
Specific Gravity: 2.63-2.65
Refractive Index: 1.544 to 1.553
Double Refraction: +0.009
Main Sources: Africa, Brazil
Treatment: Routinely heated to enhance its color. The color should remain stable and not fade.
Reactions to heat: Fair, possible color change.

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