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Dahl Jewelers, Woodbridge, VA
Colored Gemstone Qualities

As there is no regulation for standardization of quality designations in the colored gemstone industry, there can be a lot of difference between one dealer's 'A' quality and another dealer's 'A' quality. In fact what one company describes as 'A' could be equivalent to another's 'B' or 'C' qualities. I experienced these discrepancies myself in ordering stones that I sell. In fact, I have never run into any two companies selling the same grade 'A's or any other alphabetically designated quality. There are even some companies that use 'AA' or 'AAA', etc. I believe this to be an attempt to sound like a higher quality than the next guy. To avoid that frustrating situation, I have used terms in my colored gemstone pages that describe the actual quality of the stones based on what is available in the market.

I have examples of colored gemstones in all the different grades that are described here. It is my pleasure to show customers truly high quality stones, as well as other available qualities.

Duane Dahl
Dahl Jewelers

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