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Peridot, Peridots

Peridot is also known as olivine or chrysolite. This beautiful olive-green colored gem has been known and used since the beginnings of civilization.

In those days, peridot was found on an island in the Red Sea known as the Serpent Isle and those who mined it guarded the secret closely. Sentries were placed on the island with orders that any unauthorized persons found there be put to death.

In Europe, peridot was little known until the time of the Crusades. When the Christian knights discovered the splendors of the Middle East, they began sending those splendors home. One such splendor was peridot.

When the Crusaders first saw peridot, they thought it was emerald and continued this misconception for a number of years. Many of the great cathedrals of Europe claimed magnificent peridot gems among their treasures under the assumption that they were emeralds.

Many are the legends and stories about peridot. One claimed that peridot could only be found by night. The miner searching for the stone would detect its glow in the dark. He then had to carefully mark the spot, then return in the daytime to dig up the precious treasure.

Another legend required that a peridot be drilled, and worn on the left arm to protect one from evil spirits.

Peridot was also used to banish enchantments because it was associated with the sun whose rays drive away the powers of darkness. In order to obtain its full power, it was necessary for peridot to be set in gold.

Today, no one mistakes peridot for emerald. This stone has created its own niche in the gem world and is sought and treasured for its own beauty.

Description of Peridot Qualities That We Sell

High quality: Very find green. High luster, lively and transparent. Some inclusions are present to the naked eye, but slight.
Medium quality: Fine "peridot" green but with a slight yellowish tinge to color, more cloudy and less transparent. Inclusions are more predominant, shallower cuts.

Please check here for a note about colored gemstone qualities.

Peridot Properties

Birthstone: August
Hardness: 6.5-7
Toughness: Poor
Specific gravity: 3.32 (+/- .05)
Refractive index: 1.654 to 1.69
Double refraction: +0.036
Main Sources: Africa, China and USA
Treatment: Not currently know to be enhanced.
Reaction to heat: Poor, heat may cause fracturing.

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