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Dahl Jewelers, Woodbridge, VA
Moonstone, Moonstones

Moonstone is for lovers, according to the ancient traditions of India. It has long been believed there that moonstone would arouse tender passions and give young lovers the power to see into the future. This was accomplished by placing the moonstone in one�s mouth during a full moon. While this procedure was used to view the future, its powers were only used to predict the future of the lovers and apparently never tried at a horse race.

Moonstone is one of those gems with a chatoyancy that causes a sheet of light to move across its surface. This ability sometimes manifests itself as a cat's eye effect that was long held special by ancient cultures, many who believed that good spirits dwelled within such a stone.

The astrologer, Antoine Mizauld, in his 1571 "Les secrets de la Lune" claimed to have a friend who possessed a moonstone with a bright spot on it that waxed and waned with the cycle of the moon. Skeptical of such a claim, Dr. Mizauld borrowed the moonstone and, for a full month, observed it. The good doctor was amazed to discover that the spot on the moonstone did indeed grow larger and smaller in cycle with the moon.

In India, the moonstone was regarded as sacred. Gem dealers never display moonstone except on a yellow cloth, since yellow is an especially sacred color.

The moonstone is also revered as it is believed to bring its wearer good fortune.

A point of local interest - moonstone is found in commercial quantities in some creek beds in the Northern Virginia area.

Description of Moonstone Qualities That We Sell

We sell only high quality moonstone, translucent with blue to white iridescence, well cut.

Please check here for a note about colored gemstone qualities.

Moonstone Properties

Hardness: 6-6.65
Toughness: Poor
Specific gravity: 2.58 (+/- .03)
Refractive index: 1.526-1.518 (+/- .010)
Treatment: Coating
Reaction to heat: May crack or cleave

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