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Lapis Lazuli

The deep rich blue of good quality lapis lazuli is a stone like no other and, from earliest times, it has drawn the eye of man.

In writing about lapis lazuli, the problem is not what to put in about it but what to omit. Lapis lazuli may well be the oldest jewelry stone used by man. Stories about lapis lazuli and the powers attributed to it are legion.

As far back as 4,400 B.C.E., we know that the Egyptians were importing lapis lazuli from faraway Afghanistan. We know this because there still in existence a copy of the "Book of the Dead" from that time, describing a heart scarab made from lapis lazuli. Another custom of the Egyptians was to engrave certain chapters of the "Book of the Dead" on stones. The 26th chapter was reserved for lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli formed part of Tutankhamen's mask.

Nor was it just the Egyptians who treasured lapis lazuli so greatly. The Assyrians, the Babylonians, in fact virtually every ancient nation used and prized lapis lazuli. The ancient Hebrews used lapis lazuli as one of the twelve stones in the high priest�s breastplate worn by Aaron. Later, the Greeks and Romans would also come to value lapis lazuli.

When attending services in the Temple of Heaven during the Manchu Dynasty, the Emperor of China would have his yellow girdle adorned with lapis lazuli.

For medicinal or magical purposes, lapis lazuli was used to counteract the wiles of dark spirits while gaining the aid of the spirits of light and wisdom. As if that wasn�t enough, lapis lazuli was used as a cure for melancholy and fever.

So you see, lapis lazuli is indeed a worthy stone. Not only does it please the eye, keeps you healthy, drives away bad spirits but is also a symbol of chastity.

Description of Lapis Lazuli Qualities That We Sell

We sell only high quality lapis lazuli, very well cut with intense blue color.

Please check here for a note about colored gemstone qualities.

Lapis Lazuli Properties

Hardness: 5-6
Toughness: Fair
Specific gravity: 2.75 (+/- .25)
Refractive index: Vague 1.50 and sometimes 1.67
Main sources: Afghanistan, Chile, Russia
Treatment: Dyeing, paraffin coating, oiling.
Reaction to heat: Avoid heat and solvents.

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