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Clarity: The performance of diamond inclusions in clarity grade can be simplified: You see inclusions easily with the naked eye; they�re hard to see with the naked eye; and you don�t see them with the naked eye. Below 20 points, this rule changes.

Color grade in a diamond, above a certain point, makes no difference because it cannot be seen under normal conditions. The color in a diamond refers to the tint of the material of the diamond. It does not necessarily have to be yellow � it can be hazy (white/gray) or brown. Determining color grade in a diamond requires special lighting and master stones, which I use to demonstrate color grade.

Carat, more than anything else, is just a function of what size you want to buy or how much money you want to spend.

Cut cannot adequately be explained with just words. It is the most important and the most complex of the 4C�s. I have visual aides that I use which make it much easier to understand.

The diamonds I sell have all twenty major items that affect performance right. I sell the whole diamond, not just the 4C�s.

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