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Citrine, Citrines

The brilliant golden yellow of a citrine is one of the more beautiful sights in the gem world. True citrine, however, is somewhat rare. Citrine is a variety of quartz, as is amethyst. They are different colors of the same stone.

While the ancients used many gemstones, they apparently never recognized this variety of quartz. This probably occurred because citrine is so easily confused with other stones such as golden beryl, topaz and tourmaline - just to name a few.

Even with no ancient references about citrine, the stone has still managed to acquire some mysticism of its own. For instance, citrine comes from the French "citron" which means "lemon". It is this color which is associated with being light-hearted and cheerful. Like other types of quartz, citrine is believed to help one connect with the spirit world. It is offered as a symbol of hope and youth, as well as health and fidelity.

Description of Citrine Qualities That We Sell

High quality: A very fine dark golden to deep orange color. Very well cut, lively and clean.
Medium quality: A find golden color that is slightly more faded out than high quality, but still clean and lively.
Low quality: Very faded golden/yellow color. Poor cutting, but still somewhat clean.

Please check here for a note about colored gemstone qualities.

Citrine Properties

Hardness: 6.5 to 7
Specific Gravity: 3.34 (+.06, -.09)
Toughness: Exceptional
Ref. Index: 1.666 to 1.680 (+ .008)
Double Refraction: AGG (DR)
Main Sources: Burma
Treatment: Dyeing, impregnating with paraffin wax, filling.
Reaction to Heat: Fuses easily to a bubbly glass under a jeweler's torch or blow pipe.Birthstone: November (alternate)
Hardness: 7
Toughness: Good
Specific gravity: 2.66 (+ .01)
Refractive index: +0.009
Main sources: Brazil, Africa
Treatment: Routinely heated to enhance its color. The color should remain stable.
Reaction to heat: Fair, possible color change.

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