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Dahl Jewelers, Woodbridge, VA
Black Star Sapphire, Black Star Sapphires

It's not only the beauty or the rarity of a gem that makes it desirable, but one should also consider that gem's mystique. When gazing into the depths of a black star sapphire, one can truly feel that mystique. The star of light glowing softly in the velvety darkness has an almost hypnotic effect. This effect is so pronounced that some persons use the black star sapphire in the same manner that others use a crystal ball.

To many who extol the virtues of black as well as other star sapphires, the three bars of light that cross to form the star are said to represent the virtues of faith, hope and charity.

Despite its hardness which makes it difficult to cut and polish, sapphire has been a favorite since ancient days and remains so in modern times, with the black star sapphire occupying a unique position in the gem world.

The Bishop of Rennes in the twelfth century stated that "the sapphire was like the sky" and even called it the "gem of gems".

Many notable persons have worn black star sapphires but, perhaps, none were better known than Queen Victoria who wore them in memory of Prince Albert. King Constantine of Greece was also known to wear star sapphires and had one set in the hilt of his sword.

Today, black star sapphire can be found in various places around the world; however, many people consider the best black star sapphire to be found in Thailand.

Description of Black Star Sapphire Qualities That We Sell

We carry only the best grade of black star sapphire, very well cut displaying excellent star, eye clean.

Please check here for a note about colored gemstone qualities.

Black Star Sapphire Properties

Hardness: 9
Specific Gravity: 4.00 (+/- .03)
Toughness: Very good.
Ref. Index: 1.76 to 1.77
Double Refraction: -0.008
Main Sources: Thailand, Australia, Sri-Lanka and Africa
Treatment: Heat and/or irradiation to enhance color (stable)
Reaction to Heat: Good, but possible color change.

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