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Blue Zircon, Blue Zircons

Zircons have been known and treasured since ancient days under various names.

Most often called hyacinth or jacinth, the zircon was credited with many powers. It was used by ancient travelers as protection against plague, injuries or wounds. It was also said to guarantee its wearer cordial reception at any hostelry he might visit.

In 1179, St. Hildegard, Abbess of Bingen, gave a cure for those possessed by demons or magical spells. The procedure consisted of cutting a cross into the top of a loaf of bread, then passing a zircon along the slits while reciting the words, "May God, who cast away all precious stones from the devil . . . cast away from thee all phantoms and all magic spells." They were then told to eat the bread; however, for those with small stomachs, one could use unleavened bread.

An additional belief about zircons was that they protected the wearer from lightning strikes and other dangers, as well as helping to induce sleep.

In their natural state, most zircons are gray-brown or red-brown with few natural stones being clear or blue. It did not take the ancients long, however, to discover that the zircon, when subjected to heat, would change color. Dull brown zircons would then become the radiant diamond-like, clear stone with which we are so familiar. Depending on the treatment, zircons can also turn red, green, or the brilliant blue zircon that is sometimes call starlight.

Description of Blue Zircon Qualities That We Sell

High quality: Very deep "Zircon" blue. Well cut deeper blue stones. Clean and very lively.
Medium quality: Medium "Zircon" blue. Usually slightly included and sometimes very slight green overtones.

Please check here for a note about colored gemstone qualities.

Blue Zircon Properties

Birthstone: December
Hardness: 6.5 to 7
Toughness: Poor
Specific Gravity: 4.15 (+/- .15)
Ref. Index: 1.7777 to 1.987
Double Refraction: +0.059
Main Sources: Africa and Burma
Treatment: Heat (Color may lighten if exposed to direct light.)
Reaction to Heat: Poor, color change may occur.

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