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Dahl Jewelers, Woodbridge, VA
Amethyst, Amethysts

Of all the members of the quartz family, amethyst may be the most beautiful. Certainly, it is the most mysterious. Looking at it, one wonders what secrets lie in those dark depths that lay beneath its hard, shiny surface.

From earliest time, man has coveted amethyst and credited it with various powers. Amethyst beads were found in Egypt that had been carved more than five thousand years ago. Ragiel, the thirteenth-century author of the monumental "Book of Wings", credits magical powers to amethyst and said that, "A bear, if engraved on an amethyst, has the virtue of putting demons to flight." He then goes on to state that amethyst also "preserves the wearer from drunkenness."

Today's amethyst buyer is usually more interested in the stone's beauty than in its magical properties. And amethyst certainly does not disappoint in that regard.

Description of Amethyst Qualities That We Sell

High quality: Deep dark purple, high luster, very well cut, and eye clean.
Medium quality: Medium dark purple in color, less lively and more translucent to opaque looking, well cut.
Low quality: Light purple in color.

Please check here for a note about colored gemstone qualities.

Amethyst Properties

Amethyst is a gemstone variety of quartz.
Birthstone: February
Hardness: 7
Toughness: Good
Specific Gravity: 2.63-2.65
Refractive Index: 1.544 to 1.553
Double Refraction: +0.009
Main Sources: Africa, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay
Treatment: Routinely heated to enhance its color. The color should remain stable and not fade.
Reaction to Heat: Fair, possible color change.

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